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They say insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. This journal is the different you need to change your destiny. D'Ionna takes you on a journey of discovery, beginning with figuring out who you are and what you want. The final destination is the manifestation of the love you deserve.

Ebony Collins (Author, Certified Relationship Minister)

I had to catch up on yesterday and let me just say "Whew, I never knew I had so many negative thoughts about my marriage!". I wrote all those negative things down and tried my best to turn any that came to me throughout the day around.... and good things happened. I got much better outcomes than I ever have before! Thank you for this journal, the guided videos and this community It means more to me than y'all know.

Monica Mocahon (Love Attraction Community)

Only a woman after God's own heart endeavors to help other women see themselves the way God does. With this journal, D'Ionna does just that. Sis isn't adjusting crowns, she is leading women to discover the attributes assigned to a woman who wears one.

Burgundi Allison (Author of "Fish Bones and Breadcrumbs, Owner of the Black Girl Divinity Brand)

To Attract a King you must become a Queen. If you are ready to embrace your powerful feminine and become magnetic to love use this journal!

Tasha Chen (Money Manifesting Queen and Mentor, Co-Founder of The Science of Getting Rich Academy)


Protect your ultimate investment: Your love!

Our mission is to teach people how to recognize and address their own patterns
and roadblocks to success so they can love themselves more and attract the loving
relationships they desire and deserve.

Services include: love attraction guidance, small group coaching courses, life/relationship coaching, retreats, workshops, premarital preparation and more.

Read our COACHING TESTIMONIALS below! We produce results!

She is life saving for real. Never knew therapy would be so beneficial in my life. She’s like my life Coach not just love coverage. She’s my Life Coverage. Get coverage y'all, it might just change your life!

RoShawn Green

D’Ionna of Love Coverage was the first person who came to mind when my fiancé and i agreed to have relationship/premarital counseling.  She’s always been a very insightful person.  She listens to both sides and helps to meet on middle ground.  I believe if it wasn’t for her sessions during an EXTREMELY stressful couple of months we might not be engaged today.  So thank you Coach.  Thank you for continued time, patience and unbiased advice. You are truly appreciated.

Kahla Barber

D’Ionna’s sweet and caring nature allowed me to feel comfortable opening up to her right away. Her honest approach makes talking to her feel like talking to an old girlfriend who I’ve known for a lifetime. She shares many of the same real-life experiences that I’ve had, which makes her recommendations more valuable to me— as she has lived and flourished through these situations herself.

Casey Hightower

D'Ionna is absolutely amazing! She's been my Life Coach and my Relationship Coach and I am thoroughly pleased with her services. She has helped me to face challenges in my life/relationship head-on and assisted me in taking necessary steps to create the life that I want for myself. She is professional, understanding, encouraging, in-depth....and she has a plethora of tips, tools and suggestions that I have found extremely beneficial.

Tiffani Brown

D'Ionna is AMAZING at what she does. She is so professional and makes you feel very comfortable. I've consulted with her for years  and she has helped me tremendously! Her advice comes from a loving heart and judgement free zone. Dee has a natural gift. She is a certified relationship coach but she truly is a LIFE coach for me! Thanks so much xoxo

Dee Fernandes

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