2023 New Year Intentions

As 2022 winds down, many of my clients start thinking about the changes they’re going to make once the new year hits. They’re hitting the gym. Eating better. Drinking more water. Saving more money.

All of these are admirable goals. Respectable resolutions. But you know like I know that by the time February rolls around, we’re back to our old ways. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Some of us keep our word and make those changes apart of our daily life.

This is because we set intentions. Because intentions are less restrictive and more realistic, they are usually more doable. It’s less about what we’re forcing ourselves to do. It’s more about embodying who we desire to be.

When we have a clear idea of the version of ourselves we want to become, we start to embody that person. What do they feel like? How do they think? What decisions would they make? This helps us in turn, make daily decisions that align with that version of ourselves.

It’s important to make intentions not just about your physical appearance, but in all areas of your life. Watch my coaching gem below to learn the four other crucial areas to make new year intentions that will further support your love attraction journey.