Accountability in Relationships

Last week, we discussed why taking personal accountability was so important on your love attraction journey. But in order to have successful relationships, there needs to be accountability there too.

When you and your partner take responsibility and ownership of your actions (aka accountability), it empowers the relationship and creates trust and dependability. These are important factors that grow and deepen your connection.

Not taking accountability in relationships means you’re refusing to acknowledge how your actions affected your partner. In laymen’s terms, you’re telling your partner, “it ain’t my fault!”

When I think about my first marriage, it’s easy to point out everything my ex-husband did that led to the breakdown of our marriage. I can rattle off about 10 things right now as I’m writing this. But like I said in Monday’s email, it takes two to tango. My ex-husband wasn’t married to himself. While he definitely had his share of blame, I had to realize that I did too.

When you experience a breakdown in your relationship, take a minute and ask yourself, what role did I play in this? How could I have prevented us from getting here? How did I potentially make things worse? When both partners take this approach, then you can come back with the intention of repairing and restoring the connection, instead of assigning blame.

It doesn’t happen over night. But with effort, practice, and time, you can develop a healthier, stronger relationship. My coaching gem below shares more expert tips and guidance on how to take accountability in relationships. I’m also sharing my tried-and-true method that keeps me and my husband (and dozens of my clients) in our healthiest relationship.