Accountability with Yourself

When clients ask how I’ve made such transformational changes in my life in seemingly such a short period of time, I always tell them- I took accountability. For example, take my fitness journey. On paper, my lifestyle may not seem to support having a consistent fitness journey. I run a business, I have two small children, I'm a wife and have to manage a household. I could easily let those very legitimate reasons stop me from being consistent with my workouts.

However, I know that I made a promise, a commitment to myself, to be healthier. Not just because my wedding is less than two months away (!), but because I owed it to myself. I owe it to myself to push my boundaries, stop making excuses, and adopt a healthier lifestyle that would make me a better mom, wife and all around D’Ionna.

That's taking accountability. Instead of shifting the blame to taking care of my kids, my family, my business- things that aren’t going to change, I focused on what I could change. I managed my time so that I can workout when the kids are in school. I discussed having a healthier diet with the whole family so it becomes a part of everyone’s lifestyle, which makes it easier for me to stick to.

Accountability isn’t about absolving yourself of your responsibility and blaming others. It’s a gift you give to yourself to shift a negative into a positive. When you experience something you don’t like, change it. But if you can’t change it, change yourself. Take accountability.

Watch my coaching gem below for more gems on how to take accountability for yourself in other areas of your life as well as some powerful reminders to carry with you on your love attraction journey.