Attracting Love This Holiday: Gift Giving Guide

It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year! The Holiday season is a time to not only slow down and reflect on the past year, it’s the time to give! Like me, I’m sure you’ve been spending the last few weeks thinking of and purchasing gifts for your loved ones. But have you ever considered how you can use gift giving as a tool to attract love?

Hear me out! It might sound crazy but think about it. When we give a gift to someone, especially with the right intentions, we align ourselves with the energy of what we want to receive.

Whenever we desire more of something in our lives, (love, attention, money, etc.), the easiest way to attract it is giving it to someone else. Being stingy with our resources and gifts keeps us stuck in a lack mindset that actually makes it harder to attract more of what we desire. So give generously!

It’s not about the amount of money we spend on the gift either. Focus on the impact the gift will have on its recipient. That’s how you give with intention.

In my coaching gem below, I’m sharing four proven steps to help you give with intention and attract love in your life. I’m also giving some great gift ideas for those harder-to-shop for people in your life so watch it now!