Avoid Being His Circumstance

In the past month, we’ve discussed a lot in my “Choice vs. Circumstance” series. I’ve shared advice on how to identify the differences between being a choice or a circumstance. I’ve discussed the importance of being a man’s choice and the dangers when you aren’t. And it’s safe to say that this series has generated a lot of discussion.

I’ve gotten comments, DMs and emails from followers and subscribers that range from full agreement to accusing me of a being a “pick me!” While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I did notice one common thread in a lot of the comments. It seems that some women really don’t feel they deserve the best.

They are happy to settle with a man they chose and pursued, a man who doesn’t initiate in the relationship, someone they proposed to. All because they didn’t want to wait and have faith that they could have something better. I don’t want that for you.

I don’t want you to feel that everything you want in a partner, in a relationship, is out of your reach. It’s not! There is a Power Partner out there who will gladly make you his choice, not his circumstance. One who will meet and exceed all your needs- emotionally, physically, mentally and financially. One who will bring you transformational love.

But you have to believe that you deserve it. If you don’t have faith and confidence in your deservingness, you’ll always settle for less and may end up as someone’s circumstance.

Believe in what you deserve. Then, check out my coaching gem where I’m sharing four keys to further help you avoid becoming a man’s circumstance. Remember, only want who and what wants you! That is how you’ll know for sure when you are someone’s choice!