Be His Choice, Not His Circumstance

When you finally find your Power Partner, he’s going to be loud and proud about his love and admiration for you and it will be crystal clear that YOU were his choice. But how do you ensure that you become your partner’s choice, and not just his circumstance (i.e. the women that was there when he finally decided to settle down?)

When your Power Partner has made you his choice, being with you was HIS decision. He’s not with you under duress, or obligation. You didn’t have to convince or guilt him to stay with you. And he certainly isn’t there “because of the kids” or other financial ties you may have with him.

He is there because he wants to be. He saw you and out of all the other women, he chose to give YOU his last name and be responsible for YOU. So how do you get a man to choose you? To make you HIS choice, not just his circumstance? Here’s a hint: it starts with what you allow while you’re dating!

My coaching gem below highlights how to ensure that you become your Power Partner’s choice as well as the dangers of just being his circumstance. And if you’re currently in a situation that feels similar to being “his circumstance,” book a free guidance call with me to discuss how to get you from circumstance to choice!