Dangers of Staying in the Wrong Place Too Long

How many times have you been in situations that you know you needed to leave but you just couldn’t? Whether it was that job that definitely doesn’t pay enough for the amount of stress you endure or that relationship that just won’t work, there is just something keeping you stuck. While we may rationalize and try to justify it to ourselves for a time, eventually we’ll run out of excuses. And by then, it’s way too late.

When we allow ourselves to stay in the wrong place too long, what was once painful starts to feel comfortable. We stop seeing the red flags in the situation altogether and inadvertently increase our “pain” tolerance. We start accepting more disrespect, more bad behavior and stop thinking that we deserve more.

We also become resentful towards our partners and ourselves. We start to feel anger, disappointment and bitterness within ourselves which makes us difficult to be around, even to ourselves.

Lastly, staying in the wrong situations too long makes us miss out on new opportunities. If your resume wasn’t already updated on LinkedIn because you allowed yourself to become complacent at the current job you hate, you might miss out on the job of your dreams that a recruiter needs to fill asap! If you stay in a relationship too long, allowing yourself to become embittered and angry, you’ll definitely not attract the healthy relationship you deserve.

I know it’s all easier said than done but it’s so important that we take time to periodically evaluate our situations. How is that job treating you? That friend? That partner? If you aren’t truly being fulfilled or if your gut is screaming “RUN!”, let me help you lace up your shoes, queen.

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