Find Your Feminine: Strategies for Embracing Femininity in Challenging Circumstances

In my ongoing series, "Find Your Feminine," I explored the intricacies of embracing and nurturing your feminine energy, even when life throws you situations that might encourage masculine energy. This journey is all about reclaiming your femininity and empowering yourself, no matter the circumstances. 

Before I delve into strategies for remaining feminine, let’s discuss what it means to be in your feminine or masculine energy. Regardless of gender, both men and women possess feminine and masculine energy. However, for your own personal growth and development and to attract healthier relationship dynamics, it’s important to have a good balance between these two energies. I’m sure we all know how it feels to be around a man (or woman) who is hyper-masculine but doesn’t know how and when to be soft 🫠.

To be in your feminine energy means you’re displaying qualities such as empathy, being nurturing, trusting your intuition, expressing your emotions and in my opinion, most importantly, being able to receive. This isn’t just the ability to receive gifts or money (that’s easy!), but asking for and receiving help, accepting support and valuing interdependence over independence. I’m going to let you chew on that for a second.

To be in your masculine energy means you’re being competitive, assertive and independent. It’s an action-oriented energy that is stable, logical and protective. Those aren’t negative qualities in the slightest and there’s certainly a time and a place to express them (i.e. going after that promotion, providing for your family, etc).

However, as women seeking to attract Power Partners and overall healthier relationship dynamics, we need to prioritize resting in our feminine energy as much as possible. This can be especially difficult when life throw us into situations that push us to live in our masculine energy a little longer than we’d like to be.

While these situations can sometimes be uncontrollable or unavoidable, we have to realize that these circumstances can shape our responses to be more masculine than feminine leaning. Here are some scenarios to consider: 

1. Being Raised by Men: Growing up in an environment surrounded by male influence can lead you to adopt certain masculine traits simply because it's what you know best. It's not that they intend to teach you to be masculine; it's just a product of adaptation. 

2. Being a Single Parent, Especially with a Son: As a single parent, you might feel the need to compensate for the absence of male parental influence, which can inadvertently lead to a more masculine approach to parenting.

3. Extended Periods of Being Alone: Loneliness can sometimes push us to take on the role of both the masculine and feminine energies in our lives, out of necessity. 

4. Unhealthy Past Relationships: Past relationships that didn't encourage your femininity can make it challenging to reconnect with your feminine energy, especially when a male presence is still around but not embodying masculine energy. 

5. Working in a Masculine Career: If your career is in a traditionally masculine field, you might feel pressured to conform to the norm. However, remember that your feminine energy is unique to you, and you don't have to become something you're not. Challenge yourself to develop feminine approaches to thrive in your professional environment. 

Now, let's explore practical strategies for remaining feminine in these challenging circumstances:

 1. Decide that Feminine is Your Default: Make a conscious decision to let your feminine energy be your default. Approach every situation with the intention of finding a feminine way to handle it. This shift in mindset can have a profound impact on your behavior. 

 2. Set Boundaries with Yourself: Establish personal boundaries, such as dedicating time for self-care, like waking up early. These boundaries will help you prioritize your femininity.

 3. Show Your Boundaries with Your Actions: Instead of announcing your boundaries with words, exemplify them through your actions. For instance, if you don't drink alcohol, consistently abstain from it, and others will naturally respect your choice. 

 4. Uphold Your Boundaries with Others: When someone doesn't respect your boundaries, don't dwell on why they're not respecting them. Instead, remove your presence from the situation. It's a powerful way to assert your boundaries. 

 5. Commit to Remaining in Flow: Femininity is about being in a state of flow. Make decisions based on what aligns with your flow, what feels right to you physically and mentally. For example, when someone invites you to an event that might conflict with your plans, consider how it will affect your overall well-being. 

💎 Coaching Gem: Remember, your journey towards embracing and nurturing your femininity is a voyage of self-discovery and self-improvement. The aim is to operate in your feminine energy, regardless of external circumstances.

By committing to your feminine flow, you'll find your path to a more fulfilling and empowered life. Embrace your unique feminine energy and let it guide you on your journey towards love and self-discovery. 💎


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