Find Your Why to Find Your Love

We talk a whole lot about love, relationships, marriage and all the beautiful things we want. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you want these things? Your why is so important as is your responsibility to stay connected to your why after you've found it.

"When you lose your why, you lose your way."

Once you identify your why, you don't give up on what you want. You stay the course, even when it's rough, uncomfortable, or it looks and feels impossible. When it comes to attraction and manifesting you're only responsible for the what and the why (not the how and the when- leave those up to God.)

By focusing on the what (your desires) and the why (your reason to stay dedicated) you free yourself from additional responsibility so you can focus on what actually requires your direct involvement.

Here’s how I did it. When I didn't have enough motivation for myself, I thought about what my kids deserved. They deserved a happy and healthy mom. They deserved to be raised in a loving home environment and have a loving relationship modeled to them. Thinking of their DESERVINGNESS drove me to want more. That became my why!

When you’re thinking about your why, make a list of all the reasons you deserve what you’re attracting. Because you do! You deserve that loving, thoughtful partner who buys you flowers just because. You deserve that healthy relationship where you can live your softest life. But unless you understand why you deserve it, you may be tempted to accept less when things get tough or if you think it’s taking too long.

Remember- the how and when is not up to you. Just focus on the what and the why!