How to Heal From Trauma to Attract Love

We know that the way we were raised shapes how we see and what we feel about relationships. But many of us may not realize just how much our childhood traumas may still be affecting us today. For example, if you witnessed domestic violence as a child, you may find yourself in mentally or emotionally (and sometimes, physically) abusive relationships.

However, our childhood traumas could also affect us in ways that aren’t always so obvious. Regardless of your trauma, it can be overcome and you can break your negative relationship patterns. Watch my gem below to learn the three steps you can take to heal from trauma and start attracting the love you deserve.

P.S. While therapy is always recommended for those struggling to address childhood traumas, it can feel overwhelming if you’re just starting your journey. Let me help you navigate this delicate process with a free guidance call. Together we can set up a plan for success.

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