How To Set the Proper Tone in Dating

One of the most challenging parts of being on a love attraction journey is dating. When you're ready to start entertaining potential partners, not just passing time with any and everyone that asks you out, you need to make sure you're being intentional and setting the proper tone.

So I've listed three things that you should consider to make sure you're setting the proper tone when dating.

1. Focus on your desired outcome from the start 
When you decide what you want the outcome to be, make sure all of your actions are aligned and don't accept anything less that will take you further from your goal. If you prefer phone conversations, communicate your preferences and don't accept someone who wants to do mostly texting.

If your goal is to be in a seriously, committed relationship, don't spend a lot of time speaking or acting sexually suggestive as that will likely have any potential partners focusing primarily on the physical connection. 

2. Let him lead
I hear so many women saying they want a man to lead but from the very beginning they fail to set that tone. Let him set the tone for where you want things to go by letting him lead. You can do this by waiting for him to initiate dates, follow up texts, progressions to commitment, etc.

It's important to let a man show his interest in you, because otherwise you will never know if he actually chose you. Think about any relationship you felt insecure on unsure in; I'm willing to bet that in the beginning you initiated in some way.

Don't be overzealous or too available. Remember when you were growing up and your parents used to say "act like you've been here before?" That counsel still applies. Don't be overly impressed like no one has ever treated you well before or concerned with complimenting him and giving him reassurance. Show appreciation of course, but there is no need to stroke anyone's ego.

3. You are single until you're not
This isn't about playing a game but it is about strategically dating and the fact that you shouldn't have a whole lot of free time anyway. You should be busy becoming or being your best self. 

Don't just automatically clear your schedule, keep doing what you've been doing and let him get in where he fits in. Don't start clearing out your calendar or contacts at the first sign of compatibility or a nice date. Let some time go by, observe, and wait until you are asked for exclusivity. Then, and only then, should you give all your energy and time to a man!

Remember, setting the tone is all about creating what you want to continue. So act intentionally with your desired outcome in mind.

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