How Would You Grade Your Relationship?

Kids are returning to school, so report cards are on my mind. Take some time to review how your relationship is going and assign yourself and your partner a grade. I'm old school so I say, go with the letter grades. They are more impactful than the subjective Excellent, Satisfactory, and Unsatisfactory.

A = 90-100
B = 80-89
C = 70-79
D = 60-69
F = 59-0

Regardless of your relationship status, here are some questions that you can ask yourself (and your partner) to improve your grade:

Single: Assess your level of self care. Have you spent time getting to know and loving on YOU?

Dating: Assess your openness to new/different. Are you repeating the same patterns?

In a Relationship: Assess your growth. Are you heading towards further commitment or separate paths?

In a Marriage: Assess your alignment. Are you in tune with each other? Are you experiencing deeper levels of love?

Regardless of what grade you assigned, there's always room for improvement. If you happened to grade yourself (or your relationship) an "F", that doesn't mean that all is lost. Schedule a free guidance call with me to discuss strategies to help you (and your relationship) pass with flying colors.