Journaling: Power & A New Perspective

Saying something is meaningful; but writing something is powerful. When you commit your thoughts to being written down, you tend to be more serious about them, because now there is proof of what you said. This encourages you to be accountable for those words. You not only have accountability to yourself, God also has accountability to you because of what you have requested! This is the power of journaling.

I've noticed that journaling is becoming more popular, and I love that! I highly recommend it. However my endorsement comes with an asterisk. Instead of journaling about what has already happened (which I will admit, has its own benefits), I encourage you to journal your future. Focus on what you desire to happen, and what you want to attract!

When my mom gave me my first journal at 10 years old she told me this is where I can keep my thoughts about the day I just experienced. So it was foreign to me when my mentor told me I should journal about what I want to happen, not report on what has already happened. This changed my life forever!!!

Writing about what had already happened simply reinforced those same experiences and feelings. Now that I focus on the future, everything is positive. I feel good when I journal. It is apart of my manifesting process. It is key to attracting what I desire.

So if you find yourself inspired to journal, or manifest your future, I recommend that you combine the two! Journal about your future!