Pay Attention to These Things on Valentine's Day

Tonight is the night! You’ve finalized your outfit, hair and makeup and you’re ready to be wined and dined. But I can guarantee you’re forgetting something - your list! While others may look at tonight as just another date, over here we date with intention! So tonight is more than just a date- it’s an opportunity to evaluate the health of your relationship, regardless of your status.

Now this isn’t a physical list so don’t bring any notepads on your date! But use tonight as a way to gauge if the two of you are on the same page or not even in the same book. While you’re getting ready, make a mental list of the qualities that are important for you to have in a partner and to have in a successful relationship.

It’s true that no one person will have every trait that you value, or share all of your same interests and dreams. However, you have a better chance of experiencing the transformational love you deserve when you find those who are similar to you in the ways that are most important for your happiness. So make your list!

Then, when you’re out tonight, observe your date. Watch for instances where they might show understanding and empathy. Do they seem to have emotional intelligence? Or are they distracted the whole night? Always checking their phone and looking elsewhere?

Life is too long to spend it with the wrong person! Use tonight to make any necessary adjustments to ensure the best love experience possible. My coaching gem below shares even more red flags or green lights to watch for so check it out before you go. You’ll likely want to add these gems to your list!