Relationship Maintenance: Vacation Destinations

I fully support taking a bae-cation regardless of what stage of the relationship you’re in. It’s a great opportunity to see your partner (new or old) in a new light and create new memories that make up the foundation of your relationship. So this month I’m sharing vacation destinations for every stage of the relationship.

Long Distance Love

Be extravagant because you don't see each other as often as couples that live together or in the same place, you should travel a bit further and take an extended vacation (7 days or more).

Destination: The Maldives

View the video of the resort I stayed at with my fiance for our 1st trip abroad!

Happily Married

Choose a destination from when you were just dating. Reminisce on how you fell in love, and enjoy talking about how far you've come and how happy you are.

Destination: Favorite Resort/Hotel (and plan an itinerary that includes revisiting things you've done together and enjoyed).

Just Met

A destination with lots of group activities would be great. You don't want the pressure of seclusion, as that makes things very intimate. When you've just met you want lots of opportunities to get to know the person.

Destination: Local Resort (get a day pass and enjoy the festivities and amenities)

Making It Work (Longterm Relationship or Rocky Marriage)

Destination: Somewhere new that you have both never been before...but it should definitely be romantic and more specifically adult/couples only!

Jamaica, the British Virgin Islands, the Greek Islands, Spain, Paris, are all very romantic destinations I have visited and recommend!

Bonus: Go to an amateur comedy club while you're there. Laughter always presents an opportunity to connect/reconnect. Even if the comedians aren't that funny, you may bond over jokes that don't land! Sometimes a lighthearted activity can make you forget about negativity (at least long enough to exchange a few smiles, and endearing gazes that have probably been missing for awhile!)