Stop Being a Girlfriend If You Want to Be a Wife!

Before you disagree with me, think about that couple you know who have been “boyfriend/girlfriend” for 10+ years. When you ask them why they aren’t married or when they’re going to be married, what do they usually say? “Marriage is just a piece of paper.” “It’s not necessary to prove our commitment to each other.” Or my personal favorite, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

To me, that sounds like a bunch of excuses and reminds me of that old saying, “why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?

Now, I understand that marriage isn’t for everyone. But for those that want to be married, being in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is giving the ‘milk away for free’. Being in a boyfriend/girlfriend stage for any period of time is unnecessary and is counterproductive to becoming a wife. You may need to read that sentence again.

When you agree to be a girlfriend, you’re essentially agreeing to a trial marriage.
 You end up doing all the things you would usually do in a marriage without the legal rights and protections or spiritual covering.

When you’re determined to be a wife, you have to be sold on what you want and not accept anything less. Once you and your partner have dated enough and you can objectively evaluate whether you both fit each other’s “Power Partner” profiles, the next step should be an engagement.

If marriage is the goal, don’t settle for the trial run or let anyone convince you that “marriage is just a piece of paper.” Repeat after me: you’re single until you’re married!

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