Stop Ignoring the Red Flags! đźš©

One thing I always tell my clients is that the red flags you ignore in the beginning will likely be the reason it all ends. So many times we can identify early on that someone or a situation isn’t right for us. But for whatever reason, we ignore it, try to dismiss it or minimize it. We have to stop ignoring the red flags!

If you wanted to buy a house that had your dream kitchen but the inspector told you there was termite damage, a hole in the roof and black mold throughout, would you still buy it? You wouldn’t! The same is true in relationships. We can’t keep ignoring the bad just because they may have a few “really good” qualities.

In my red flag series below, I’m breaking down ALL the red flags you can’t afford to ignore on your love attraction journey. Some may be obvious but I bet there are some you hadn’t considered. As you watch, leave a comment on which red flag you tend to ignore most, and which red flag surprised you. And please remember to subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell so you never miss any more gems.