Stop Treating Relationships Like Marriage

When we enter into relationships, women often feel that we need to prove ourselves worthy of one day being married to our partners. That in order to get the title of “wife”, we have to earn it by playing the role now. Let me tell you why that way of thinking is dangerous!

When we treat our relationships like marriage, without being married, it detracts from the actual marriage. Think of that couple that finally got married after living together, having kids together, starting a business together, etc. When you ask them, “how does it feel to be married now?” what do they usually say? “It feels the same.”

It feels the same?! You mean to tell me there’s no magic, no spark, no fireworks, no nothing?! That sounds incredibly underwhelming to me. But if you think about their situation, it makes sense. Marriage didn’t change their lives. Since they were already treating their relationship like a marriage, there was nothing to look forward to. The marriage became nothing more than a formality (and this is the reason why many long-term couples never get married).

While this may sound like the ideal relationship for some, if you want to be married, refrain from treating your relationship like a marriage. Making decisions with long-term consequences without having a solidified, long-term commitment is a recipe for heartbreak (and could keep you from getting married!)

Watch my live below to learn the four reasons why you shouldn’t treat your relationship like marriage if you want to be married! Remember, if you aren’t married, you’re not married!