Take A Break From Others

A big component of a healthy love attraction journey is knowing when to give of yourself and when to pull back. As women, we’re naturally inclined to be givers. We want everyone to be happy, to be fulfilled and at times, we end up pouring from empty cups. Let me tell you right now, STOP IT!

Stop giving. Stop pouring. Stop being there. Until you’ve done all of that for yourself FIRST. Believe it or not, constantly being in the mode of giving, giving, giving, can make it that much harder to receive. And you know that on this journey to attracting the love you desire, you have to be in an energy to receive or you'll push your potential Power Partner away.

Check out my coaching gem below for more advice and expert tips on why it’s important to take a break from giving to others so you can give to yourself. Trust me, it’s going to feel uncomfortable at first. But once you’ve mastered how to be selfish, you’ll never look back.