The Key to Attracting Love

Everyone wants to know the secret about how I've been able to completely transform my life and attract the amazing love and relationship that I enjoy now.

Many assumed it was a huge undertaking that was hard to master. Honestly it's very simple, and if I can do it, I'm sure you can do it too! The key is BEING INTENTIONAL!

The desire for a healthy, and life changing love is overwhelming right now. With all we have endured during these last few years of the pandemic, genuine relationships and love are non-negotiables for many. Many of us are no longer subscribing to the belief that love is this magical thing that just happens without preparation or self work. It’s time we completely retire that fantasy about love and evolve to a place where we not only desire transformational love, but become intentional about attracting it to us!

What does “being intentional” look like? To be intentional we must invest in love - invest our time (read books about love, watch videos and movies that showcase healthy love), invest our energy (give yourself love, share love with others), and invest our resources (hire a coach, sign up for a course). Doing this will allow the love you desire to become real to you. You’ll begin to see love differently, think differently about love and reinforce your new beliefs about love.

Being intentional is the most important component when attracting love.