What’s Preventing You From Aligning with Love? Pt. 1

Alignment is defined as a position of agreement or alliance. That means everything lines up in agreement. In order to achieve alignment there are three areas you need to pay attention to. To make it easy to remember, think of M (for Mastery).

  1. Mind

  2. Mouth

  3. Moves

MIND (what you’re thinking): Everything starts in the mind. Are you controlling your mind and telling it what to think? Or are you allowing negative thoughts that don't align with your desires to fester and multiply?

MOUTH (what you're saying): What comes out your mouth is powerful. It creates your reality. So think about the things you say- are they positive or negative?

MOVES (what you're doing): The moves you make will either push you closer to or further from your desires. So what are you doing?

So put it all together and consider what area you need to address. If it's all three, that's ok. Start with one at a time. Tune in below for the first part of my three part “Alignment in Love” series for specific guidance and advice on mastering the three M’s.