What To Do While Waiting for Love

Recently I discussed many of the lessons I’ve learned about relationships and love at 40. It took me years to learn those lessons but the biggest lesson I had to learn was how to wait. While I pray you find your love sooner than I found mine, I’m going to tell you like I tell all my clients. I don’t know when love is going to find you. But I do know what you can do to prepare yourself in the meantime.

I hear it from my clients all the time- they can’t wait to find their Power Partner! But over time, I’ve seen a few get discouraged when they feel they’ve been waiting too long. They get frustrated and bored. That’s only because they’re not using their time wisely!

So how do you keep from frustration and boredom while you wait to experience transformational love? The first step is to reframe how you see this time in your life. This isn’t a lull or a low point in your life. This is actually a really exciting time for you to become your best self.

Instead of saying you’re “waiting for love,” how about saying “you’re expecting love?” When you’re expecting something, whether it’s a gift, a trip, or an Amazon delivery, how do you usually feel? You’re excited! You can’t wait to have it and you usually stay excited and hopeful until it arrives.

If you planned a trip for June 2023, are you going to get tired of waiting in April and cancel? Of course not! During those six months, you’re going to order your vacation outfits, hit the gym, book your excursions, etc. You’re going to use the time before your trip wisely so when it arrives, you’re ready!

Why should expecting love be any different? In my on-demand coaching gem below, I’m sharing my expert recommendations on how to use this time of expectation to your fullest advantage. Learn why being single and expecting love is the best time to become the best version of yourself and upgrade every area of your life!