What You're Doing to Hold Yourself Back

What many fail to realize is that a love attraction journey is never linear. There are moments when you think you’ve mastered something that comes back and triggers you in a different way. Or things that weren’t a problem for you before, now become a bit of stumbling block in our efforts to become the best version of ourselves.

All of that is totally normal. That’s life! But it’s the way we handle those moments that define who we are really becoming. The way we respond to and own up to “speed bumps” on our journey will let us know if we’re still moving forward, or holding ourselves back.

Take for example, a common scenario I see with a few of my coaching clients. Let's call her Megan. Megan wants to do the work and unlearn her limiting beliefs. She says she's ready to attract her Power Partner who will help her transform her life and allow her to live out her dreams. But she can’t seem to acknowledge her own unhealthy patterns and how she contributes to her current reality.

Over many sessions, Megan identifies the type of Power Partner she needs. Among other things, he has to have a stable job, enjoy going to museums, and be able to show her the finer things in life. But, when Megan goes out, she frequents the hole in the wall bars and the dangerous nightclubs that are less likely to have those type of men in attendance. See the disconnect?

Some may think "it's not that serious," but it is. If you want to attract transformational love, you have to be accountable in every area of your life. If you don’t, you're holding yourself back from where you claim you want to go. Megan can't keep complaining that she can't find the type of man she wants, if she never puts herself in the spaces where those men are likely to be found. It’s time for Megan to hold herself accountable for holding herself back.

That’s just one area that you may not realize is getting in the way of attracting the love you desire. Watch my coaching gem below to learn other common ways you may be hindering your progress on your love attraction journey.